COVID19 Precautions

COVID19 has changed our lives in more ways than we could imagine. To maintain a safe environment for our children, these are some of our protocols:

  • We will be sanitizing high-touch area frequently through out the day.

  • All teachers will be wearing masks.

  • Prospective parents will take a tour of our facility only after 5 PM, when children are not around.

  • Toddler classroom materials will be steam sanitized everyday.

  • All teachers, children that enter our facility will have their temperature taken. Any individual with a temperature at or over 100.3 degrees will be considered as "with fever" and will not be allowed into the facility.

  • As per Department of Childcare and Families guidelines, parents will drop their children at the door. 

  • Full-day pick up time is temporarily changing — parents must pick up their children between 4:30 and 5:00 — in order to allow our staff to adhere to new cleaning and sanitation requirements.

  • School events and family gatherings will be paused until such time as it is safe.    

Our daily schedule will basically stay the same. The changes in departure times are to give us time to sanitize the entire building after each day’s use. This will be a learning process for us, so please be patient while we figure out what works best.


If outbreaks occur in our community, we will follow the guidelines of Hillsborough County Health Department and CDC. Our understanding, however, is that the school must close for a 14 day quarantine. Parents should prepare for these occurrences.

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