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Day Care

When finding the right day care centre, we must consider child's safety first, apart from that how much we can afford to pay for Montessori education and daily routine. Galileo Montessori Academy In Tampa, Florida provides the best support, care and facilities in grooming the child. This Montessori School is equipped with the most brilliant way of enhancing and developing child's psychology.
These are some Of the Key Points we should keep in Mind before choosing the Best Montessori School for children:


Montessori education must be well equipped to handle emergencies and the staff should be trained enough to provide first aid in an emergency situation. If required, get feedbacks from parents of other children attending the day care.



Always be sure that there are enough teachers, staff members as well as all the amenities that can give personalized attention to kids. Watch how the management works with the children and check if they are kind and caring.

Learning programs:

Look for what kind of Montessori learning programs and activities the school is offering. Consider whether the education programs and co-curricular activities in Day Care centre fit with your family values and inculcate the right spirit in your child. Galileo Montessori Academy always focuses on overall development of every child through Montessori activity.


Think about the location and see if the day care centre is convenient for you to drop and pick up the child every day. Once the children enter the doors, they don’t want to leave bright, playful learning environment at Galileo Montessori Academy.


The Most important one, ensure your child gels well with other children at the Montessori School and are happy at the end of the day. Galileo Montessori Academy maintain complete transparency, Regular teachers interactions with children are positive, settling strategies are very effective.

Bottom line, Galileo Montessori Academy in Tampa, Florida offer pleasant and enriching experience for child. It is a place where your child can learn, play and be well taken care of

The genuine affection and concern that teachers show to the children is what makes Galileo Academy different from other Montessori Schools in Tampa, Florida.

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There is an abundance of information on the American Montessori Society website.

And of course, our school is a great resource where you can learn more about Montessori! Give us a call to schedule a tour. We would love to meet you!

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