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Montessori preschool is the perfect environment for learning for children. Galileo Montessori Academy style of learning naturally provides many of the key elements that are essential for Preschool children.

Here are several important reasons why your child should be enrolled in Galileo Montessori Academy.
Real-life Learning

Galileo Montessori preschool at Tampa, Florida provides suitable environment which is perfect for real-life learning of other languages. They will learn with the help of toys to tools, from math to the language of good manners.


Positive Atmosphere

Mistakes in a preschool are always learning opportunities. Students will learn better when they aren't nervous on committing mistakes or any other consequences. Much of the interaction in Galileo Montessori Academy happens one-on-one between the teacher and the child.


Expanding Culture

Galileo Montessori Preschool classroom provides a rich environment for cultural experiences. Practical life activities can incorporate heritage in children at very young age.


Learning Language at Young Age

Learning any new language is the easiest during early childhood. At Galileo Montessori Preschool, immersion program is included in the curriculum at the early infancy age and continues on at least until age six so the child can absorb language skills easily from their environment.
If you're looking for a great environment for learning for your child then, Galileo Montessori preschool at Tampa, Florida is a perfect option.

Children will get educational freedom within limits and the ability to choose and focus on learning new things within set guidelines.

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There is an abundance of information on the American Montessori Society website.

And of course, our school is a great resource where you can learn more about Montessori! Give us a call to schedule a tour. We would love to meet you!

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